Honest and hard working. 

Jim Sullivan is an honest hard working attorney that I would trust with anything. We had a very delicate family matter concerning two of our children regarding sexual abuse allegations. Jim listened to the allegations and was diligent in understanding the point of view of the accused, and that we just wanted to get them both the correct help. Jim spent a lot of time that first evening with our 11 year old son first to understand his side of the story about what happened with his older sister and then to just talk about how important it is to be on the right path in life, to have a good moral compass and to work hard to become a man of honor. Jim went above and beyond reinforcing the values that we have worked hard to instill in him.

Our son was charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child, a serious felony. As we went through the legal process we discovered a lot of details and evidence that showed there were many fabricated details by our daughter. Our daughter herself had been abused at a young age by an older cousin, and Jim explained that our daughter was probably grooming and acting out on her younger brother and that he was the actual victim. Our daughter’s therapist even suggested that she might have a mental health condition that would explain the extreme length that she went through to fabricate stories against him.

Jim was well prepared and confident he could persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the charges. He scheduled a meeting with us and the prosecutor a few days after the first court setting to go over the new evidence. As he predicted, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case and would not seek charges against our daughter. Jim was very supportive during this trying time, and he even declined to take the remaining payment that we had agreed upon because he wanted us to use the money to help pay for the therapy for both our children. We appreciate all Jim has done for us and our family. Our road is still challenging, but Jim Sullivan made this first step in the process a lot smoother!!!

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