Jim Sullivan, a caring attorney. I was pleased to find attorney Jim Sullivan to represent my 16yr old nephew who was charged with a felony of aggravated assault in Brazoria County. Although the charges were serious, my nephew acted in self-defense. The other teen, two years older, is a known drug dealer, has a reputation for carrying weapons and had threatened to kill my nephew. During the mutual fist fight, the other teen fell and hurt his head. My nephew was devastated because he was not trying to hurt the other teen but only to defend himself. The other teen was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery and had weeks of recovery. He did fully recover and did not change his lifestyle at all. Through a court-appointed attorney, the prosecutor only offered either several years of determinate probation or to certify him as an adult where he could face 2 to 20 years in prison and have an adult criminal record. Either of those options was outrageous, unfair, and unjust. I then sought out an attorney who would fight for my nephew.

After contacting Mr. Sullivan, I was pleased that he was able to meet with us immediately even after business hours. He took his time talking with us and spent at least two hours while not rushing our interview. Mr. Sullivan seems to genuinely care about people and especially teens. He always showed care and concern for my nephew. At the meeting, Mr. Sullivan agreed to take the case to a jury trial to get the best result. He was confident he could get the right result from the jury. In court, he told the prosecutor that if she did not dismiss the case or at least agree to a misdemeanor probation in which my nephew could later get his record sealed, then he would set the case for a trial and try it to a jury. And, finally, that is what the prosecutor finally agreed to. Mr. Sullivan was able to get my nephew a misdemeanor probation for less than one year without any jail time and was even able to get his probation transfered to Harris County. Although the outcome was not perfect it was much more desirable, something my nephew could live with and be able to continue on in life and still have a good future. I thank you Mr. Sullivan for working to help my nephew through this difficult time.

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